Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life since Traprock 50k

  Back on April 14th , we made the second trip to CT in as many weekends to run the Traprock 50k. This would be another training race on the road to Wapack. Temps that morning were in the high 30's but warmed very quickly into the 70's.
  During the first lap I got caught up in the chase and lost track of my hydration which resulted in a fluid deficit I could not recover from.. Cramps came on towards the end of lap two and I battled through them to finish in third place and a hair faster than last years time.
  In the following weeks I stayed on track with my training and got some quality long runs in on the Belknap range, Wapack course and finally a 22 miler in the Whites this past weekend. I'm in full taper mode and all I can hope is that on Saturday I can focus my mind and that my legs will follow...

Photo courtesy: Scott Livingston

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  1. Ryan,

    Great seeing you on Saturday, and sorry that the leg busted up on you. Heal well and fast. Mostly, I just wanted to say a big congratulations - truly the coolest finish I've ever seen at an ultra. I wish you both well (and you better train your ass off to keep up with her!)